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We are also part of nature. 
We exist in this world as a result of the continuous inheritance of the baton of life, with awe and gratitude for nature since ancient times. Nature can be harsh, yet gentle at times, and it constantly changes as it repeatedly destroys and regenerates. Nature can intimidate, threaten, destroy, regenerate as well as fascinate, overwhelm, comfort and heal us powerless humans.  We as humans might perceive these as negative or positive events of our lives, but these are simply nature's way of reminding us the balance of love as it gives and takes. 

My artworks embody my soul.
My unique works is resonating with the materials as I physically and emotionally connect and communicate with natural materials. It's a collaborative work with the gifts nature has presented me with, where I watch and assist its evolution and metamorphosis into its final form. 

And then, I believe the artworks' have significance after it has left my hands. The artworks' existence can become more than the timeline of its creation and can create another dimension and energy in the hands of its new owners.

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