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Contemporary Art Jewelry for N°4. 

“N°4” is a heart chakra. Every object has its own wave, which more or less are repercussive with one another on a daily basis. Contemporary Art that you can wear, and I'm making them for your N°4. 

First prize Gioielli in Fermento 2020|21

left: Untitled From VEINS series | 2019 | Brooch / center and right: Metamorphose from SUMI series | 2020 | Brooch


We are part of nature. 

As you know, there are many environmental issues around us as we live on this planet. We have lost so much through wars and natural disasters, but this has made us stronger. Just like nature changes as we speak, we change as time passes. We belong to nature, and with the idea reflected in my work, I “speak” with nature and expect its grace. All of my work, I believe, after worn out by their holders, will go back to the earth, just like we humans will do the same. I dedicate myself to the world of creation with love, passion and prayer.

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