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White and Black.
Light and darkness.
Both have the power to absorb everything.

Both white and black are achromatic and have no forms.

You cannot see white in the color white.
nor can you see black in the color black.

Because there is white, we see black.
And because there is black, we see white.

The concept of colors was made by humans, so the idea of positive or a negative never existed to begin with.

The same goes for light and darkness.

They are not separate. They coexist.

Perhaps you have a distant memory of playing “shadow tag” when you were a child. The game where a friend chases you, trying to step on your shadow as you desperately run away.

As long as there is light above you, you shadow will never part ways.

Darkness is found in light, and true light is only seen in darkness.

All comes back to one.


"ONENESS" from PRETO series
2020 | Brooch | Unique Piece
Potter's clay, Urushi(Japanese lacquer), brass
Photo by Ryota Sekiguchi 

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