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"Jewelry and Travel" the Tincal lab Challenge 2023 Traveling Exhibition at Galería - Escuela de Joyería Contemporánea Lalabeyou

17 May – 25 June 2024
Opening : May 16 / 9 pm -11 pm
Galería - Escuela de Joyería Contemporánea Lalabeyou, Madrid Spain

Traveling is probably one of the most enriching experiences.

Getting to know countries, people, landscapes or cities, different cultures, lifestyles, food, clothes, habits. Experiencing the world increases our awareness of being just another tiny grain of sand in this immense universe. It allows us to learn more about our surroundings and about ourselves.

We can travel alone or with company, without a destination or with maps. We can travel by car, boat, plane or train - and the way we absorb time and space will be totally different.

We can be tourists with scheduled guided tours or travelers with no destination or return date.

We keep records in the form of drawings, photographs, diaries… we collect memories that are as or more important than the journey itself, because they remain forever. Traveling alters our perception of time, showing us new sights, sounds and smells, opening up horizons.

We travel through unknown cities and feel that we could live there, as if we had found a friend. We surround ourselves with people who speak strange languages ​​and discover what a universal language can be. We can get lost and we may find ourselves.

But an important part of the journey can also be the return home - and how, upon returning, we feel different. And always bringing one or more adventures to tell.

Lessons of history, art or geography. Maps and suitcases, plane tickets and train schedules. Streets, squares, museums, ruins, mountain walks or the sea as far as the eye can see. Memories that we will keep forever and souvenirs that prove that the journey was real.

This year we invite artists to let themselves be freely inspired by the immense world of travel - let jewelers from all over the world take us traveling worldwide. Happy travels!

Yukiko Kakimoto. AOSHIMA (from VOICE OF THE OCEAN series), 2023, Brooch, Unique Piece. materials: Paper, beach sand, Urushi(Japanese lacquer), Pigment, Brass. L140 x W45 x T5 mm

Voice of the Ocean - AOSHIMA

Aoshima, located in southern Japan, had always been on Yukiko’s mind as somewhere she had to visit. The beach, especially, was always calling her name.

As soon as she stepped onto the sand, she knew this place had special energy.

The sunlight, the salty air, the sand between her toes, and the sound of the waves, seemed to connect with her emotionally in ways other beaches didn’t.

She knew she had to incorporate this special energy into her work, so she took the sand from the land of Aoshima, thanked mother nature, and used it in her jewellery.

Yukiko Kakimoto

Galería - Escuela de Joyería Contemporánea Lalabeyou

C/ Farmacia 5 – Local izquierdo

28004 Madrid Spain

(Metro Tribunal o Chueca)

+34 653300154  /


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